Smart Defrag Server

Smart Defrag Server 2010

Automatic, low-effort defragmentation


  • Three defragmentation options
  • Auto-shutdown
  • Informative interface


  • Not many advanced options
  • No offline help
  • Initial scans are slow


Smart Defrag Server is a defragmentation app with various options for the organization and optimization of your computer, especially designed for use with Windows Server.

Smart Defrag Server is simple to use and, crucially, has Auto Defrag and Scheduled defragmentation options, so you can leave the program to work unaided. The scheduled defrag/optimize option is particularly customizable, while Auto Defrag can be enabled or disabled easily, as well as configured only to run during idle or low-usage periods.

Smart Defrag Server defragmentation is slow the first time it is used, but appears to speed up later. While defragging, we noticed that it doesn't seem to have a notable effect on network performance, which is often a problem with other, similar apps.

Smart Defrag Server is a fast, independent app for those who favor defragging as a way of keeping their computer optimized.

Smart Defrag Server


Smart Defrag Server 2010

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